Testimonial for Groundwork Fukuoka

2015-08-27 1567
I did an internship at Groundwork Fukuoka, an NPO with the goal of creating a barrier-free society, I’ve been working there for two months from July the 6th to August the 28th. Two days per week I worked at Groundwork and three days at the other place.
The office of Groundwork Fukuoka is located in the south of Hakata. There is also a kitchen where they make sweet Ayu (fish), which is sold in a store in Tenjin. Groundwork Fukuoka launched many Projects and therefore holds events from time to time.
The events I joined took place in Joyo, a town in Yame and in Umi, a town in the east of Fukuoka. The event in Umi was a small vegetable market on a field, where everyone can plant and harvest vegetables together. The event in Joyo was gardening work for the Sweet Potato Project. The goal of the projects is to support rural areas, connect people and create a barrier-free society, where everyone can live happily.

My tasks in at the office where translating Japanese posts into English, writing reports about the projects I joined, helping with event preparations, designing price tags or flyers, going to the post office or organizing Excel charts. At Groundwork I learned much about what is important when working in Japan, about the problems in the rural areas and how to solve them.

All my working colleges were really kind and understanding and tried their best to support me. Besides I felt like a real member of the team right away! Time past way too fast, it was a great experience and I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible for me!

Goodbye Japan, see you soon ^^


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