Florian R. (Intern, German, 2017)

Florian R.
Internship Program: Unpaid Internship
Company/Type: Kyushu no Mura
Nationality: German

Today we had the chance to talk to another intern. Florian R. from Germany talks about his internship experiences at Kyushu no Mura.

Why did you choose Asahi Nihongo?
The organisation I went to Japan with is a partner of Asahi Nihongo.

Why did you pick this internship?
I studied business administration in Germany and aim to do my master’s degree in economic psychology. That is why I thought it would be a good idea to do an internship at a smaller Japanese company. I am also interested in travelling, so Kyushu no Mura seemed to be the perfect place to apply for. Moreover, I hoped to improve my Japanese as well.

What were your tasks?
Besides some translation works from English to Japanese and vice versa I attended many different business trips throughout Kyushu. As Kyushu no Mura wants to promote Green Tourism and to support the local farmers, we met up with the locals and I got the chance to speak to many people and learn more about rural Japan. As I always took a lot of notes during those trips, I joined the meetings afterwards and could also bring forward my own ideas to certain issues. Taking actively part in those meetings was really great.

Were there any (cultural) problems you had to overcome during your internship?
I had no problems at all since the start of my internship.

What did you like the most about your internship?
I think I liked my first business trip to Kagoshima the most. We stayed there for two days and I had the chance to explore the village we visited on my own. The locals were also very friendly and we could relax at a Japanese Onsen in the evening. It was such a nice experience!

And how do you like Fukuoka?
The people in Fukuoka Prefecture are very relaxed and friendly. Additionally, the beaches and forests in Fukuoka and Kyushu are really beautiful. I liked the nature so much! I also discovered a new favorite dish in Fukuoka: Motsunabe.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for people who might want to do an internship?
It is fundamental to speak Japanese to your colleagues most of the time, so you should have a certain knowledge of the language. Additionally, it is good to be open-minded and proactive with regard to your work. If you also like to travel a lot, this internship will perfectly fit to you. The knowledge and experiences you will get are priceless!

Program: Unpaid Internship 

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