Victoria S. (Student, German 2016)

Victoria S.
Internship Program: Japanese Long-term Course and Unpaid Internship
Company: Sunny Side Nursery and Preschool Fukuoka
Nationality: German

Victoria is currently doing an internship at the Sunny Side Nursery & Preschool. Working with children and improving her Japanese skills are two of the main things she wanted to do when she came to Japan. Let’s find out if she managed to achieve her goals!

How was your situation before you began working at your internship?
I did a language course at Asahi Nihongo for about 12 weeks because I wanted to improve my Japanese first.

Why did you pick this Work Experience? What was the goal that you wanted to achieve?
When I go back to Europe I really want to study psychology so I really want to experience working with different age groups. Thats why I chose this internship. Its a great experience to work with kids.

Which results did you achieve through your internship/ us working together?
I really learned alot by working at Sunny Side. Working with children is great, the goal that I set out for myself has definitely been achieved. I might continue on this path in my future studies.

What helped you the most in working together/ doing an internship at asahi nihongo?
Being open to everything helped me alot. Ashi Nihongo has good connections with the company that directed me in Germany so everything went really smoothly.

What made you decide to start an internship/study at Asahi Nihongo?
I wanted to work in Japan and was reccomended Asahi Nihongo by others.

What is the most important thing in your opinion that people interested in a language course or work experience in Japan should know about considering to work with Asahi Nihongo?
I think it is very important to take your time to keep learning vocabulary every day and just talk as much Japanese as you can. Talk talk talk. It is also important to be a bit in the background but be very open and welcoming.

Where there any (cultural) problems you had to overcome in your internship?
No not really, I read up on japanese culture before and find I fit in quite well. My colleagues are also super friendly, we have a great team.

What do you like the most about your work experience?
When the kids react to what you do and when they smile and are friendly towards you is the best time ever. Cuteness all around.

And how do you like Fukuoka?
Many Japanese language schools are in Tokyo but I like Fukuoka alot, it is not too big, I love the food and people are very friendly.

What would you especially advise other students and why?
If you want to work in the nursury you have to be very friendly and patient. Children are very honest so if you are friendly they are too.

Program: Unpaid Internship and Japanese Long-term Course

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