Why choose the Japanese and Internship School Asahi Nihongo.

Here are 11 characteristics of what we believe Asahi Nihongo is a good language school.

01. Status of Asahi Nihongo

The school was founded in August 1999 and is well established in the business world of Fukuoka.

Asahi Nihongo is internationally recognized as a place where you can take educational leave.

02. Internships

We believe that studying Japanese is not enough. You need to immerse yourself in Japanese daily life and working life.

03. Teachers

We are serious regular teachers with a sound background in teaching. In our school your teacher will seldom change, ensuring the lessons are designed for your needs. We counsel our students in order to adjust their courses to their needs

04. Target language

Our classes are taught by native speakers of the language, and they use the target language to teach it.

A good teacher can teach Japanese in Japanese. This commonly referred to as the direct method.

Some explanations may be required in your native language, but the overall emphasis should be on the target language.

05. International Activities, outside classes and events

Since Asahi Nihongo work together with our sister Language school for Japanese people, we can offer students many opportunities to interact with local people.

06. Free Tutorials

Do you need help with your home work? Do you want to write a letter to your host family or friends in Japanese? Do you want to make an appointment with your Japanese friend? We will help you with any of your needs at the free tutorials.

08. II-Tandem

International Interaction Tandem is in cooperation with Ritter Language schools where German and English is thought. Students who study Japanese can meet students who study German and English to exchange languages.

09. Our Host families

We provide our students a single room with a host family, who are interested in foreign culture. We try to make our students stay in Japan as pleasant as possible.

10. Our Classes and students

Our classes are small with around 2-6 students from Europe, America, Australia, Canada and so on…..

11. Information requests

We answer a request for information in a prompt manner. If we can not answer you immediately we will get back to you within 24 hours on working days.


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