Yatai (Food Stand)

A yatai is a portable bar, almost like a shack, set up on the sidewalk at night. You can get all kinds of food and drink, and they stay open very late. Be prepared to be in close quarters and for Japanese trying to talk to you any way they can. Although it is small, and certainly better deals on food and drink can be found, there is a certain charm to the yatai style. If you frequent one, expect to get to know the owners, and be treated like a king. Drink up, try the ramen, and stay late. It is quite an experience to be drinking in a sidewalk bar in the middle of big city Japan. The food is salty, and beer pairs well. But with all this drinking happening, there is one thing I wish they had… a washroom! But don’t worry about that, they will know where the closest public one is. After all, when it comes to drinking, the Japanese sure know what they are doing. Kanpai!


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