Internship in Japan at SUiTO Fukuoka

Asahi Nihongo is promoting the hiring of foreign students by companies in Japan. Our goal is to achieve a mutual understanding and trust between foreign students and Japanese companies.
Marcel from Austria decided to do a second internship since he wanted to gain as many experiences as possible. He works six hours a day promoting SUiTO’s activities and events. He took part in creating a promotion video about the Dontaku.

Visiting Fukuoka : Dontaku Festival ♪

Hello everyone ! Have you seen our latest video ? It's about the biggest citizen's festival in Japan : Hakata Dontaku. This festival takes place every year during the golden week and attracts visitors from all around Japan and the world ! Have a look !皆さん、最新のビデオをご覧になりましたか?SUITOのヴァネサとマーセルは博多どんたく祭りに行ってきました!今年はTokyo Disney Seaの15周年だったため、特別パレードに参加しました!さーてどんなショーを見せてくれたのかな?

SUiTO FUKUOKAさんの投稿 2016年5月22日

He is very popular among his co-workers and everybody likes him very much!
Otsukaresama Marcel-Kun.

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