Japanese Language School Asahi Nihongo

  • MENU
  • Jobs and Internship Japan Internship Program

    We arrange work programs for international students who are interested in Japan. Our internship placements are with local businesses in Fukuoka, allowing our students to become more involved in and culturally aware of Japanese business and social customs. We offer two different work programs, giving our students the chance to have unique and fulfilling experiences with guidance and support throughout their whole stay. Find out what it is like to live and work in Japan! Read About Internships

  • Language Courses Japanese Language Courses

    Asahi Nihongo offers a wide range of courses in order to provide the ideal balance between study and practice. We highly recommend you learn Hiragana and Katakana before coming to Japan because these are essential for being able to read the textbook. All classes are held solely in Japanese and English should only be used if absolutely necessary. Beginner courses (Level 1 and 2) start once every four weeks except for national holidays (Course starts and school closing dates). If your level is higher than Beginner, you may join a course any Monday. Just use our online contact form to inquire about a specific course. Read About Courses

  • Accommodation Accommodation

    We offer a selection of accommodation types so that everyone can find their ideal home in Fukuoka. You may choose between Host Family, Flat Share, Dormitory or Serviced Apartment. Read About Accommodations

  • Activities and Events Activities and Events

    We organize different kinds of activities in and around Fukuoka, where you will have the chance to practice your Japanese and use new vocabulary. During our activities, you can fully experience the unique Japanese culture. You will meet people from Japan as well as people from around the world. Read About Activities

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