Our Student Service

Our student service aims to improve your stay here in Japan and to make it as pleasant as possible through a series of activities and special offers.

Free Language Exchange Program

Take the chance and join our Free Language Exchange Program at Asahi Nihongo School. As a part of education, it is the best opportunity to practice your language skills after school in a cozy atmosphere with students from our sister school Ritter.

Find your Japanese Tandem partner.

Free Japanese Study Group

Every Wednesday and Friday at 6 p.m., we organize a free Japanese study event. Each week there is a different topic, and we encourage our students to use this event as an opportunity to practice Japanese by giving short presentations.

Get more information about our Free Japanese Study Group.

Kanji Class

Every Friday, you have the chance to learn Kanji for the JLPT (Japanese Proficiency Test). The lessons use the official JLPT textbooks, which introduce a set number of Kanji every week. These lessons also help students who do not plan on taking the JLPT as it is possible to do single units from any book.



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