Japanese Distance Learning

Why Do Distance Learning

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_00_Reasons– Learn Japanese anywhere (at home, at work, at a cafe, etc.)
– Full attention from your personal teacher
– Decide lesson content together with your teacher
– Lesson speed according to your preference


Distance Learning Information

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_01 Basic Course InformationStart: Anytime
Period: Up to the student
Level: All Japanese levels
Lessons: 10 Skype lessons (usually 1 or 2 lessons a week)
Course Fee: 30 000 Yen

Distance Learning Materials

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_04 Study MaterialsWe mainly use the “Minna no Nihongo” series of Japanese textbooks for our lessons because new grammar is introduced in an easy-to-understand way and the books offer many different exercises for practice. If you would like to use your own books during lessons, please talk to your teacher.
Beginner to Upper Elementary (Level 1 – 4)Minna no Nihongo Shokyu I / II
Lower and Upper Intermediate (Level 5 and 6)Minna no Nihongo Chukyu
Upper Intermediate (Level 6)Chukyu Kara Manabu

Sophisticated Teaching Method

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_05 Sophisticated Teaching Method We teach by using the “communicative approach,” and 90% of the lesson is taught in Japanese. The focus lies on communication skills, learning to speak and understand Japanese. You learn a language by communicating in an enjoyable and engaging way. We believe the student’s share of a student-teacher dialogue should be around 70%. Students improve their speaking skills by practicing as often as possible.


How to Start Distance Learning

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_06 Weekly Schedule1. Request a Free Nonbinding Estimate for your lessons.
2. After signing the estimate, we will discuss lesson contents, study goals, etc.
3. After that, we will send you a timetable with dates, times and teachers.
4. About 20 minutes before the lesson, we send you the learning material via e-mail.
5. Log on to Skype a couple of minutes before the start of the lesson.
The teacher will contact you when the lesson begins.

*Should you be unfamiliar with Skype, we will gladly help you with the setup.
To see how we do online lessons at Asahi Nihongo, watch our video about Distance Learning.