Start Your Adventure

Reasons for joining our internship programs
●Careful selection of a local company in Fukuoka according to your preferences●
●Support from us with regular checks during your entire program●
●Learn about Japanese business and social customs●

●Stay in one of the best cities to live in

Unpaid Internship
Suited for
Working in your preferred
professional field
Work and Travel
Suited for
Earning money while
traveling through Japan
Around FukuokaProgram LocationFirst job around Fukuoka;
All of Japan later by yourself
1 to 3 monthsProgram DurationFirst 3 months in Fukuoka
and up to 1 year in Japan
According to preference
(Marketing, Culture, IT, etc.)
Work FieldMay be limited
(usually part-time at shops, etc.)
Depending on company
(in general 30 hours for 5 days)
Working HoursDepending on job
Tourist Visa is enoughVisa TypeWorking Holiday Visa
18 to 30 yearsAge Restriction18 to 30 years
(depends on country)
JLPT N5 (Asahi Level 2)Recommended
Japanese Level
JLPT N4 (Asahi Level 4)
6 months in advanceApplication Period6 months in advance
¥63,000Price¥36,000 (without job)
¥63,000 (with job)
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