Japan Internship Program

We arrange work programs for international students who are interested in Japan. Our internship placements are with local businesses in Fukuoka, allowing our students to become more involved in and culturally aware of Japanese business and social customs. We offer two different work programs, giving our students the chance to have unique and fulfilling experiences with guidance and support throughout their whole stay. Find out what it is like to live and work in Japan!

Unpaid InternshipWork and Travel
Age Restriction18 to 30 years18 to 30 years
(depends on country)
Visa Type NeededTourist Visa is enoughWorking Holiday Visa
Application Period6 months in advance3 months in advance
Program Duration1 to 3 monthsFirst 3 months in Fukuoka
and up to 1 year in Japan
Program LocationAround FukuokaFirst job around Fukuoka;
All of Japan later by yourself
Japanese LevelFrom Beginner (JLPT N5)From Intermediate (JLPT N3)
Work FieldAccording to preference
(Marketing, Culture, IT, etc.)
May be limited
(usually part-time at shops, etc.)
Working HoursDepending on company
(in general 30 hours for 5 days)
Depending on job
Required DocumentsCV with picture and Letter of motivation in Japanese, Work samples
Price¥63,000¥36,000 (preparation only)
¥63,000 (with job assistance)

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