Japanese Language Courses

The advantages of studying at Asahi Nihongo
●We are a small and family-like school●
●You will get a lot of attention from your teacher●
●Study Japanese in one of the best cities to live in

Suited for
Fast Learners
(4-7 students)
Suited for
(2-4 students)
Suited for
(1 student)
All levelsBeginner and ElementaryAll levels
Course Details
●Efficient progress
●Lots of expressions
Course Details
●Detailed with many exercises
●Join simple conversations
Course Details
●Your content, your pace
¥29 000 / week
(20 Group Lessons)
¥59 000 / week
(20 Group Lessons)
¥59 000 / week
(10 Private Lessons)
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JLPT Preparation Course (1 student; ¥59 000 / week; 10 Private Lessons)

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_00_ReasonsThe JLPT is one of the most widely recognized Japanese proficiency tests, and can be taken in over 50 different countries. The individualized connection to your teacher will allow you to study in a highly efficient and easy manner.

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Japanese Distance Learning (1 student; ¥30 000 for 10 Online Lessons)

Your teacher virtually comes to your home, office or wherever you use your computer, in Japan as well as abroad. This service is aimed at students, who have taken classes at Asahi Nihongo and want to continue after returning home as well as people who cannot or do not want to leave their home or office. You will need Skype on your system to take Online Lessons.

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