Unpaid Internship Program in Japan


An internship in Japan is an unforgettable adventure, and it will certainly give you an edge at job interviews! See for yourself how Japanese businesses operate and experience real Japanese working culture. An important thing to remember is that Japan does not have an internship system like Western countries such as Germany do. Interns are treated the same way as any other employee, which means they have to start at the bottom and earn the trust in their skills from their superiors.

Asahi Nihongo offers internships in many different fields such as Architecture, Marketing, Trade, and more. We will select a company according to your information and preferences, help you prepare for the internship and assist you during your whole stay if needed. You may also do a language course before starting your internship if you feel the need to brush up your Japanese first. If you are a beginner, we recommend a course length of four weeks.

Your first internship week is a preparation week, where we will give you advice concerning working life in Japan and what you should pay attention to during your internship. We will also help you prepare the necessary documents for your company interview.

Basic Internship Information

Period: From one to three months
Level: From Beginner (JLPT N5)
Term of application: Six months before arrival
Start: Any Monday; after one week of preparation
Price: 63 000 Yen (includes 1 week Internship Preparation)
Visa: Tourist Visa is enough
Language course and accommodation can be booked additionally
The language course has to be done before the internship


– We find you an internship company according to your preferences
– Welcome package with information Fukuoka, city map, flyers and more
– Orientation and City Tour on your first day
– Internship Preparation Week (tips for your internship, business etiquette course, etc.)
– We take you to a personal interview with the company and help with translations if necessary
– Internship Certificate of Completion with official reference on your last day
Free Study Group twice a week at Asahi Nihongo
– Free participation in our Tandem Partner program
– Free use of the school WiFi and computers
– Internship counselors for all questions or concerns during your whole stay


– CV with picture and Letter of Motivation (both in Japanese if possible)
– Work samples (anything that shows your capabilities)
– Short introduction video of yourself (about 3-5 minutes)
– Copy of your passport
– Skype Interview before the company selection process

Our Internship Support

Gaku Ogata (Intern Adviser, Internship preparation)

Intern Opinions

Samira (Intern, Events)
“I really liked the working atmosphere.” Read more
Jennifer (Intern, Marketing)
“The internship was a great experience.” Read more