Terms and Policies

1. Application and Completion of Contract
The effective application date depends on the day we receive the completed application form, not the day it is sent.

2. Application Conditions
(1) The minimum age for our Japanese courses is 16 years. Applicants under the age of 18 are required to send a signed parental agreement.
(2) The minimum age for our internship programs is 18 years.

3. Expenses
(1) Expenses included in the Japanese course:
・Lesson fee
・Tandem registration fee
・ID card
・Lunch on the orientation date
(2) Expenses included in the internship:
・Internship commission fee (one-time)
・Instruction for the interview
・Lunch on the orientation date
・Tandem registration fee
・ID card
・Certificate (Internship duration over 3 weeks)

4. Discount
For returning customers, i.e. students that come back to Japan after having returned to their home country, we grant a discount of 10% on the total fee. This does not include extensions of first-time students.
We will also give an introduction discount of 10% to first-time students for recommendations after confirming the name of the person who recommended our school.

5. Payment
Payment has to be made 100% in advance and one month prior to arrival at the latest. You can find our accepted payment methods here. You may pay cash only when paying directly at the school.

6. Cancellation and Refund Policies
If a student cancels their program after receipt of payment, we will charge a cancellation fee. However, we cannot refund payments under any circumstances after a program has started.

Date of CancellationCancellation fee
Up to 30 days prior to arrival15,000 Yen
30 to 15 days prior to arrival30,000 Yen
14 to 3 days prior to arrival40,000 Yen
2 days prior to course start50% of total amount
After course start dateNo refund

7. Change of Arrangement Charge
If a student requests to change their Japanese course, internship, and/or accommodation due to personal reasons, we will try our best to meet the student’s request. In these cases, we will charge an adjustment fee.

Change of ArrangementAdjustment Fee
Course Change7,500 Yen
Internship Change7,500 Yen
Accommodation Change5,000 Yen

8. Booking Cancellation
In case we are unable to confirm payment one month prior to arrival without any notice from the student’s side, even after sending a reminder, the booking and all services included will be canceled automatically.

9. Cooling Off (for applications from inside Japan)
– The student may cancel the contract in written form up to eight days after Asahi Nihongo has received the signed contract by the student.
– The contract is to be canceled immediately after the student has submitted a written cancellation to Asahi Nihongo.
– In case of a cancellation, Asahi Nihongo agrees to not claim any damages against the student that result from canceling the contract.
– In case of a cancellation, even when lessons have already been provided, Asahi Nihongo agrees to not claim any damages against the student that result from canceling the contract.
– In case of a cancellation and if the student has already paid the tuition fee, Asahi Nihongo agrees to return the full amount.
– In case of a cancellation, the student agrees to return any textbooks, CDs or other material received during lessons.
– In case of a cancellation, Asahi Nihongo agrees to refund any returned textbooks, CDs or other material.

10. Disclaimer
We bear no responsibility for following matters:
(1) A student cannot get a passport, visa, or is refused by Japanese immigration for whatever reason.
(2) A student cannot get their visa in time or cannot extend it after their arrival.
(3) If there is an act of nature or men (e.g. earthquake or terrorism) compromising students’ safety and preventing courses from proceeding or students from attending.
(4) Accidents or trouble occurring outside of school during a student’s stay in Japan.
(5) A student causes damage at their internship place or accommodation. The student is responsible for all damages. Furthermore if the school’s reputation or facilities are damaged due to a student’s actions or behavior, we will file claims against said student.

11. Visa
We cannot guarantee the acceptance of your visa by the Japanese authorities and thus do not bear any responsibility for visa obtainment. To apply for our internship program, students must send a copy of their passport and visa with their application. If a student plans to extend their visa during their stay in Japan, they have to check the procedure in advance. If a student cannot extend their visa and is therefore unable to finish their course, we will not be able to refund any course fees. Read more about visa regulations.

12. Internships
Internship placement is confirmed after an interview, which takes place at the respective company after a student’s arrival. Interns attend orientation and training during their first week and are asked to write an internship report every Friday. Interns need to submit their reports as well as a thank-you letter to their company to receive the internship certificate.

13. Arrival and Transportation
If you arrive on a Sunday or national holiday without having booked a transportation service, we may not be able to assist you with problems since the school is closed. In this case, please use a taxi and show the driver the address of your accommodation to get there. Otherwise, if you get lost and our staff has to pick you up and bring you to your accommodation, we have to charge a fee of 5,000 Yen.

14. Orientation
Every student and intern attends orientation on their first day. Classes start the next day. If you are a returning student, you may choose to join the orientation or start your course immediately.

15. Group Lessons
In case you do not have a classmate, even if you have booked group lessons, we will change your course to private lessons until you get a new classmate. Lessons are converted as follows.
・ Standard Course 20 = 15 private lessons
・ Long-term Course 20 = 15 private lessons
・ Intensive Course 30 = 25 private lessons

16. Holidays
The school is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. In addition, we do not refund or hold make up classes for any lessons that got canceled during the course due to natural disasters or personal reasons.

17. Course Starting Dates
Course starting dates are based on our school calendar.
For a student to arrange a different start, they must:
(1) Take our level check test before their arrival and pass with an acceptable score (Level 3 or higher).
(2) Take a private course until the group course starts.

18. Changes to Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions may change without prior notice.

19. Effective Date
The above terms and conditions are effective from September 1, 2010.
Last update: 11 May, 2017