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Asahi Nihongo Language School was established in 1999 in the beautiful city of Fukuoka. During the day, we teach Japanese while our sister school Ritter holds German and English classes in the evening. Students’ nationalities vary widely with most students coming from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and the US. Most of our staff speaks English and will always provide quick and helpful assistance. Our language school is located in the heart of Fukuoka, right next to the city center Tenjin. This area has a variety of shops and food stalls and is just a short walk away from our school.We are ready to assist you with anything regarding your life here in Japan.

Location and Facilities

Asahi Nihongo is a great language school located in the center of a great city. The school is easy to find and easily accessible from all parts of Fukuoka by either train, bus, subway, bicycle or on foot. Asahi Nihongo students benefit from spacious classrooms, free Internet access, self-study resources as well as a comfortable reception area to meet other students and make new friends. The school has five classrooms and is very cozy. Classes are small, with only three to six students, in order to build a comfortable learning environment.

Unique Internship Programs

Asahi Nihongo is the place to find a rewarding work program in Japan. We introduce students to Japanese companies that offer fulfilling internships in a real Japanese working environment or prepare students for their Working Holiday year in Japan.

Exciting Activities

Asahi Nihongo also specializes in marine sports and offers exciting activities so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest while studying Japanese. Students can attend traditional Japanese activities such as calligraphy and tea ceremony, join trips through Fukuoka and other cities, learn how to surf and sail, and many more.

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