Your School

Asahi Nihongo Language School was established in 1999 in the beautiful city of Fukuoka. During the day, we teach Japanese while our sister school Ritter holds German and English classes in the evening. We have a wide range of nationalities with most students coming from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the US. Most of our staff speak English and will always provide quick and helpful assistance. We are ready to assist you with anything regarding your life here in Japan.

Location and Facilities

Asahi Nihongo is located in the center of Fukuoka, the largest city on Kyushu. The school is located on the 8th floor of the Dai-2 Prince Building, next to a men’s clothing store called “Raiment”, and is accessible from all parts of Fukuoka by public transport, by bicycle, or on foot. The area also has a variety of shops and food stalls and is just a short walk away from our school. Our students can feel right at home in our compact classrooms and benefit from free Internet access, self-study resources as well as a cozy reception area to meet other students and make new friends. We keep class sizes very small—between one and seven students―in order to build a comfortable learning environment.

Japanese Language and Internship School Asahi Nihongo
#813 (8F) Dai-2 Prince Bldg., 2-9-29 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 810-0041 Japan

Your School Team

The Asahi Nihongo team always push themselves to the limit and strive to help students at all times. An important philosophy in Japan is “Kaizen”, which often is translated into English as “continuous improvement”. We hold weekly meetings and aim to always improve our courses and services to give our students the best experience in the business.

Our Partners

Over the years, we have formed relationships with many businesses as well as institutions in and outside of Japan. These relations are vital for our school to operate properly, and they offer our students a multitude of opportunities and conveniences. We are always happy to have new companies start working with us. Meet Asahi Nihongo’s partners