Frequently Asked Questions

We know that it can be hard to find information to a specific question on a large website. Sometimes, there is just no answer to your specific question. To make things easier, we have gathered a list of questions, with the respective answers, that have been asked many times by our students or that cannot be found easily.

1. Study

Q.: Can I do language course and internship at the same time?

A.: No, you have to do them in succession. Though the order does not matter, we recommend to do the language course before the internship as preparation.

Q.: What are the lesson times at Asahi Nihongo?

A.: We do have two lesson groups at our school – morning and afternoon lessons. The morning group has lessons from 9:00 to 12:15 while the afternoon group has lessons from 13:00 to 16:15.

2. Work

Q.: Which visa do I need for which kind of work?

A.: For unpaid activities, you only need a Tourist Visa. If you plan on engaging in paid employment,
you will need a Working Visa. There are many different kinds of Working Visas, so you have to first find the one that matches your needs.

Q.: Do I need formal clothing for my internship?

A.: Unless it is stated in the company profile, you do not have to wear formal clothing during your internship. However, it would be better to bring one set for the company interview.

Q.: How should I write my final internship report?

A.: Your final report should be about one page long and it should include your tasks, what you liked and maybe did not like as well as things you have learned during the internship. Of course, you can include other topics as well. It is more or less a summary of your whole internship.

3. Leisure

Q.: Where is the usual meeting place for activities?

A.: For most activities, we will be meeting at the school lobby.

Q.: Where can I find upcoming activities?

A.: You can find the activities for the current month on the Activity Board in the school lobby.

4. Stay

Q.: What costs do I have to expect when staying in Fukuoka?

A.: Living expenses can vary quite a lot depending on your consumer behavior but you should calculate with daily expenses of at least 3 000 to 4 000 yen. This number includes food, public transport, and the occasional visit to a restaurant or night at a Karaoke bar. You can find a comprehensive list of different costs over at Expatistan.

Q.: Can I extend my accommodation after my course/internship if I want to stay longer?

A.: It is possible to extend your accommodation, though we will have to charge an additional fee of twenty percent to the accommodation price if you book accommodation only. This extra fee is to compensate for potential students, who could stay at your accommodation otherwise. This service is not available from June to August since this is our busiest period.

Q.: When do I get details of my accommodation/internship company?

A.: We endeavor to provide you all necessary details as fast as possible. However, it might take more time in some cases due to specific requests or the availability of accommodations/companies.
You will receive all details at least two weeks prior to your arrival.

5. Others

Q.: Does Asahi Nihongo help me with my visa application?

A.: We are able to assist with Cultural Visa applications only since our school is not authorized to issue Student Visas.

Q.: I want to change my visa status / extend my visa. What documents do I need?

A.: You can find the necessary documents for all visa matters on the official page of the Ministry of Justice.

Q.: I want to buy a bicycle. Is there anything I have to pay attention to?

A.: In fact, there are quite a few things to consider when you want to buy or ride a bicycle in Fukuoka. Fukuoka JET provides a very good summary of everything you need to know about bicycles in Fukuoka.

Q.: I cannot find my bicycle. Has it been stolen?

A.: Though there are cases of bicycle theft even in Fukuoka, it is more likely that your bicycle got confiscated by the authorities because you might have parked it in a non-parking zone. In this case, you will be able to retrieve your bicycle for a fee of 2 000 yen at the collection point at Tenjin harbor.

Q.: Where can I get WiFi and SIM cards?

A.: There are a lot of providers and plans you may choose from. Japanese SIM cards and WiFi routers can be bought on this page. For German speakers, comprehensive information about the different types of WiFi and SIM cards is available on this blog.