Japan and Fukuoka

Japan is an island nation located east of mainland China. Its neighbors are the Republic of Korea, China and Russia. Japan’s national flag is called “Hinomaru” and depicts the sun as a red circle against a white background. The national anthem of Japan, “Kimigayo”, is one of the shortest national anthems in the world with only 32 characters (Kanji). Japan has a total population of 127 million people with a size of 378 000 square kilometers. The Japanese currency is Yen and the Japanese language uses three writing systems: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. The main religions are Shinto, Buddhism and Christianity. Japan has 47 prefectures with the capital being Tokyo. Japan has an emperor, who is the symbol of the state and the unity of the people. Japan’s main industries are automobiles, precision machinery, consumer electronics, computers and other electronic goods.

“I love Fukuoka. It has been my home for two years now. I can’t imagine living anywhere else in Japan” – Trevor Lawless, Australia, English Teacher.
Have you ever heard of Fukuoka? It is regarded – by many Japanese – as the best city to live in Japan. In the annual of poll of the lifestyle magazine “Monocle”, Fukuoka has been ranking among the top 10 most liveable city in the world for several years now. It is also one of the best cities in the world for shopping and dining! Find out what Fukuoka has to offer with our Fukuoka-ABC.

General Information

Fukuoka is the biggest city on the southern main island called “Kyushu”, the eighth largest city in Japan and is situated about 1,500km southwest of Tokyo. Various parks, green areas and waterways give the city a friendly atmosphere. Nearby beaches and islands also add to a coastal town feeling. During summer, those beaches and islands come to live with music festivals and beach lovers. Located on Hakata Bay, Fukuoka has been the northern gate of Kyushu in terms of cultural and economic innovations for centuries. Due to its favorable geographic location as Japan’s gateway to China and South Korea as well as the friendly, open-minded people, Fukuoka is experiencing a period of dynamic growth.


Fukuoka has an international airport, a Shinkansen (bullet train) station and a port that is just a short trip away from South Korea and China. It is easy to get here, so please come and see it for yourself! The city is big enough to offer you all the best of Japan, while at the same time being small and compact enough to make your stay cheaper, safer and easier than Japan’s larger cities. Transportation within and around the city is very convenient and most attractions can be reached on foot or by bicycle. In addition, its four distinctive seasons and similar climatic conditions to Southern Europe make this area a nice place to travel to all year round.

Lifestyle and Food

The city itself has a modern flair with lots of shopping facilities. The young and fashionable population as well as the fun and exciting restaurant and bar scene ensure enjoyable weekends. This city is a food lover’s dream! The Pork Soup Ramen sold at street vendors is famous all over Japan, and Fukuoka can offer you a huge variety of the best food in Japan. Fukuoka is also a sports-loving city and home to one of the most exciting baseball stadiums in Japan. In contrast to its modernity, you can get a glimpse of old Japan within Fukuoka’s castle walls, at shrines as well as temples. People flock to the castle and the surrounding parks during the cherry blossom season. Fukuoka is also the host of some of Japan’s biggest traditional festivals. Come have the most unique and exciting experience of your life in Fukuoka!