Free Japanese Study Group

On Friday at 6:00 pm, we organize our Free Japanese Study Group. This event gives you the chance to learn about a different cultural topic every week. Japanese food and the local dialect Hakata-ben are just two examples. This is a free event and we invite everyone of any level to join. Free Study Group is also a good chance to review and practice what you have learned during lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you at the next Free Japanese Language Study Group.

Improve your Presentation Skills

At one point in your future career, you will most certainly need to give speeches and short talks in front of a larger audience. While in Japan, you should use each chance to speak and practice your presentation skills in Japanese. Making a short presentation and speaking in another language in front of other people will advance your languages skills more efficiently than simple conversations with friends. Join us on Friday from 6:00 pm to 6:40 pm and gain invaluable and free speaking practice! Your speech should be 3-4 minutes to allow a short discussion. We will reward each presenter with 1 000 yen right after the Free Study Group.

To apply for a specific date, simply fill out the form and give it to your teacher. Of course, you can bring your friends to your presentation.

Let’s get creative and take the next step to your future profession together!