Jennifer N. (Intern, German, 2017)

Jennifer N.
Internship Program: Unpaid Internship
Company/Type: Mizu Trans Corporation
Nationality: German

Today we had the chance to talk to another intern. Jennifer N. from Germany talks about her internship experiences at Mizu Trans Corporation.

Why did you choose Asahi Nihongo?
The organisation I went to Japan with is a partner of Asahi Nihongo.

Why did you pick this internship?
I am interested in organizing and managing cultural and social events, that is why I decided on an internship at Mizu Trans Corporation. I also hoped to improve my Japanese as well.

What were your tasks?
I accomplished various tasks. At the company itself, I was responsible for the accounting, which includes putting the receipts in folders. In addition, I went on many interesting trips organized by the company. One day I went to an guidance training to Dazaifu. I had to act as a tourist and gave feedback to the future guides. Moreover, I attended business meetings in Fukuoka prefecture and Kagoshima. I served as the more active part during our monitor tours to different places in Kyushu. On the way to our Sake Tasting Tour I told our participants everything about Japanese sake.

Were there any (cultural) problems you had to overcome during your internship?
I had no problems at all since the start of my internship.

What did you like the most about your internship?
Regarding my tasks, I liked the guidance training in Dazaifu the most. About the company in general, I really liked the familiar atmosphere and kindness of my superiors. They spoke in Japanese most of the time, so that helped improve my language skills a lot.

And how do you like Fukuoka?
I have to admit that the whole landscape in Kyushu is indescribably beautiful. Speaking of Fukuoka Prefecture, I like the scenery of Dazaifu and Koishihara with its pottery village notably and my favorite place in Fukuoka city is definitely the Ohori Park.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for people who might want to do an internship?
It is fundamental to inform yourself about the Japanese culture in general as well as business manners in advance, for example, exchanging business cards or how to properly greet another person. There are many rules you have to follow, so you better prepare yourself for conventions which are different from those of your home country.

Program: Unpaid Internship 

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