Flat Share

Flat Share with Japanese

Staying at a Flat Share with a Japanese host gives you a great opportunity to put into practice what you have learned at school without the obligations of a Host Family! We also have a shared house where students of our school can live together. You will have a comfortable room for yourself despite the low price. As with most accommodations, you are usually not allowed to smoke inside, so please make sure to ask your landlord for permission.

Accommodation Details
Room Type: Depends on host; Western style (Flooring and bed), Japanese style (Tatami and futon)
Room Size: 8-12 m2
Commute to school: 15 to 30 minutes
Half Double Room: Only possible for two students traveling together
Included Meals: No (please discuss with your host; breakfast 500 yen and dinner 700 yen each)
Washing Machine: Free of charge
Bed Linen Provided: Yes
Towels Provided: Depends on host
Kitchen Use: Depends on host
Telephone Use: No (please discuss important calls with your family)
House Key: Yes (deposit of ¥10 000~¥20 000 necessary; will be refunded)