Internship Preparation Course in January

Internship Preparation Course_001

The Internship Preparation Course is designed for foreign students who are looking for an internship or a job in Japan. During the course, you will prepare all necessary documents for your internship. You will also learn the most important things to pay attention to while working in a Japanese company.

Course Goals and Contents

Internship Preparation Course_003

– Learn how to write emails and business letters in Japanese
– Make phone calls in Japanese
– Get familiar with basic bookkeeping
– Learn greetings for different situation (e.g. your boss, your co-workers, your clients, etc.)

We will also show you useful shortcuts and combinations for writing certain symbols on a Japanese keyboard. You will learn how to write emails in Japanese, send faxes and how to use a copy machine. Together, we will also set up an email account for your internship as well as create a profile sheet with your photo and a self-introduction in Japanese. Moreover, you will create your own name cards. You will practice how to write business letters and make phone calls in Japanese. To get you ready for the job interview, we will do a lot of oral training. As a major project during this course, you will write a business plan that you may use for a Start-up Visa and you will present your business idea in Japanese on at the end of your course.

Why you should join this Course

Internship Preparation Course

– We keep our classes small with two to six students, giving each student more personal attention
– Cheaper flights because of low season
– Events that take place only during this period

Basic Course Information

wakaru_buisness_JapanesePeriod: June 5 to June 9, 2018 (one week)
Level: Elementary – Advanced
Lessons: 10 lessons a week / 2 lessons a day
Textbooks: Wakaru Business Nihongo
Teaching Method: Direct method (Teach Japanese in Japanese)
*English only if necessary

Internship Preparation Course_0Minimum Age: 21 years old
Price Course: 50 000 Yen for 1 week (+19 000 Yen application fee)
Price Home Stay: 17 500 Yen for 1 week (+9 000 Yen Arrangement Fee, Flat Share also possible)
Free Services

Internship Preparation Course_00– Language Exchange program
– Free Japanese business bards
– Japanese Study Group every Wednesday and Friday
– Lesson materials
– Lunch box on the first day
– Free entrance to our International Party at a Japanese Izakaya

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