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Company Description

This summer school educates children in the age of 6-9, especially in a global lifestyle with the use of English language throughout the whole day. The children get in touch with native English speakers and learn to communicate in English.
You will go outside many times in summer. This school is suited for a person who wants to brush up his or her Japanese skills through interacting with the staff during the internship.

Company Data

Number of employees:
Working hours: 9:30am~6:30pm
Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays ,*Longer holidays possible with consent of company
English skills of the staff: Intermediate

Company Photos

Duties and Goals

Educating in English, taking care of children, planning events, assisting the other staff.
You will be outside a lot in summer.

Improving Japanese skills and gaining important experiences in the field of teaching.

Required Skills and Things

Required skills:     Good relation to children, bright and honest personality
Japanese skills:    Level 2 Lower Elementary (Minna no Nihongo)
Required things:     Nothing in particular
Required clothes:     Comfortable clothes