Deniz S. (Intern, German, 2017)

Deniz S.
Internship Program: Unpaid Internship
Company/Type: Di Santo Corporation
Nationality: German

Today we had the chance to talk to another intern. Deniz from Germany describes his daily routine at Di Santo Corporation.

Why do you like Japan?
I like Japanese culture and am fascinated by the way Japan deals with globalization. It manages to be a modern country while keeping its traditions at the same time.

How do you like Fukuoka and what do you recommend other people to do in Fukuoka?
I really like it because the city is much cleaner than most German cities and it is not too crowded compared to places like Tokyo. The people here are very polite and even guide you to your destination if you get lost. I especially recommend the shopping center Canal City and the areas around Hakata and Tenjin station.

Why did you choose Asahi School?
A colleague recommended an agency which, in turn,  recommended Asahi. Moreover, the possibility to do a language course in preparation for the internship was a great opportunity I wanted to use.

Why have you decided to do an internship in Japan?
I am currently enrolled in a program in German which requires a three-month internship. I am studying to become a commercial assistant for foreign languages and Japanese is one of these languages, so this internship fits perfectly.

How long is the internship and how are your working hours?
My internship goes three months and I work Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 16:00, lunch break included.

What are your main tasks at Di Santo Corporation?
Most of the time, I translate texts from English to German or the other way round.

What do you like most about your internship?
My colleagues and the atmosphere at the office – it is great to be working in an international company.

Were there any (cultural) problems?
I find it a bit hard to get around the city because most of the streets here do not have names. Another difference compared to Germany is that there are only few trash cans on the street outside.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for people who might want to do an internship in Japan?
You should bring enough cash because credit cards are not used everywhere. I highly recommend to take a language course prior to your internship as preparation.

Program: Unpaid Internship

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