Mert Z. (Intern, German, 2019)

Mert Z.
Internship Program: Unpaid Internship
Company/Type: Team AIBOD
Nationality: German

Mert from Germany talks about his internship at AIBOD and his time in Fukuoka.

Why do you like Japan?
The Japanese language has something to it that keeps me wanting to learn more every day. I really like the sound and just speaking the language. I am also very fond of Japanese culture in general.

How do you like Fukuoka and what do you recommend others to do here?
Fukuoka is a great place. There are so many things to like about the city. The food is very good. You can travel to a lot of different places very conveniently, and the landscape is phenomenal.

Why did you choose Asahi School?
I was looking for an internship in Japan, and my travel agency set up the program at Asahi for me.

Why have you decided to do your internship in Japan?
As mentioned before, I am fascinated by the Japanese language and culture. It has been my dream to visit Japan. When I got the opportunity to do an internship here, I took the chance without hesitation.

How long is the internship? What are your working hours?
My internship lasts for 4 months. I work Tuesday to Friday from 9/10 AM to 5 PM.

What are your main tasks at AIBOD?
I get to develop new software, and I need to ensure that everything runs as intended.

What do you like the most about your internship?
The atmosphere at the office is my favorite thing about AIBOD. Everyone knows what they are doing, and you can ask anyone for help.

Were there any (cultural) problems?
Everyone was very welcoming and I no problems fitting in.

Do you have any advice for people who want to do an internship in Japan?
I think you need to get familiar with the Japanese culture first. The work ethic in Japan is very different compared to many other countries. In a Japanese company, for example, you are treated the same way as any other employee. You do not get any intern bonuses. Also, the Japanese business world is very formal. Learning how to talk to your colleagues and higher-ups correctly is crucial. Understanding these differences goes a long way in leaving a positive impression.

Program: Unpaid Internship