Made in Q-Shu


We specialize in supplying unique products from small family-run businesses in Kyushu. We deal directly with these businesses. No middlemen. No excessive packaging. Just high quality Japanese products at the best possible price. Functional, well designed, durable and unique.

IKKYU Premium Japanese Tea
Unique choice, oustanding tea quality and convenient worlwide delivery : IKKYU brings you an amazing tea selection of Kyushu, Japan, directly from the farmers. The best of Yame Gyokuro and Sencha, Kamairicha from Miyazaki and many other teas just a click away. Ikkyu focuses only on premium grade teas, brought together on one online shop for the first time, where tea lovers can buy their Japanese green tea. IKKYU means “one break” . This is a great way to understand what it means to enjoy a delicious cup of an exceptional green tea. Drinking hot or chilled green tea is something worth taking time for. It is a well-deserved, healthy break in your day. Learn more
Sonogi Tea

Japanese_Green_Tea_Nature_Green_TeaA Japanese cultural concept of treasuring meetings with people is called Ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会 “one time, one meeting”) . The preparation and presentation of green tea is one of Japan’s most beloved traditions. Green tea is perfect for a formal gathering or simply enjoying your favorite tea at home. Sonogi-Cha (Sonogi-Tea) is a first price winning Japanese tea among the most well-known places for tea cultivation like Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Uji. Sonogi-Cha comes from the middle west of Kyushu. Learn more

Lolita Fashion Amai Rose
Amai Rose is a new fashion brand from Kyushu, Japan. It was created by the local designer Yoko Rose and Amai, an aspiring designer from Germany. Amai Rose combines Japanese aesthetics such as wabi (transient and stark beauty), sabi (the beauty of natural patina and aging) and yūgen (profound grace and subtlety) with the modern European way of interpreting beauty. Learn more