Get your own Inkan in Japan!

Get your own Inkan in Japan
In Japan, people use an “Inkan” or “Hanko”, their personal seal, instead of s contracts or other important documents. Many foreigners who live in Japan use an Inkan as well.

Inkans are usually made out of wood or stone and engraved with the person’s name on one end.
The Inkan is put in a small box so it can be transported easily and safely.
Before using an Inkan, you have to dip the engraved end in special red ink called “Shuniku”. The whole process is also referred to as “Natsuin”.

We help our Work and Travel students get an Inkan during their first days. With this, they will be able to sign important documents for mobile phones, work contracts or rental agreements. However, there are also many students not doing the Work and Travel program who want to get an Inkan. They are a couple of reasons for that.

1. It is great to have your own name written in Kanji (Chinese characters). Even a foreign name can be written in Japanese.

2. The Inkan can also be a nice souvenir for family and friends because it is practical and does not take up much space.

3. Signing the end of a letter with an Inkan is more exciting and calls attraction.

4. The most convincing reason however – It is your own, unique Inkan!

If you also want your own Inkan, just contact us!

Basic Information

Inkan 01Date: Every first Tuesday of the month [around 17:30]
Place: Tenjin area
Guide: English speaking school staff
Fee: Pay yourself (from 600 Yen to 3000 Yen)
Apply by: Two days in advance



Inkan 0217:30 Meet in front of Asahi Nihongo
17:45 Arrive at the shop and decide on your Inkan
18:10 Receive Inkan
18:30 Arrive at school



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