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SUiTO Fukuoka

Company Description

SUiTO Fukuoka was founded in 2015 with the concept of “a place where tourists and Japanese can meet”. SUiTO Fukuoka is a part of the East Inc. which has its head office in Tokyo and was established in October 1997. SUiTO’s main goal is to provide cultural exchange through community events and activities such as tourist information, rental space, Tea Ceremony-like cafes and bars. As a member of the local-area branding association, the company also holds seminars about HR development and regional activities. The Hakata dialect spoken in Fukuoka is the most popular among all Japanese dialects which is why they chose “suito” as a keyword.

SUiTO wants to make both locals and foreigners like Fukuoka the same way they like the dialect. “Discover Japan” aims to improve Japan’s liveliness, and has therefore founded an association to help boost local economy. SUiTO Fukuoka – the Kyushu branch of the Local Branding Association – will give seminars and lectures on this subject. SUiTO hopes to make it a place where cultural exchanges and networking between creators and local entrepreneurs can happen.

Company Data

Working hours: 9:00-16:00 or 13:00-21:00 depending on events; Fixed together with SUiTO.
Holidays: Depends on events, *Longer holidays possible with consent of company.
English skills of staff: Advanced
Number of employees: 10

Company Photos

Duties and Goals

– Organization of events
– Event marketing
– Customer service
– Writing blogs
– Translations

Improving Japanese skills and acquiring event management expertise.

Required Skills and Things

Required skills: Interest in social activities. Talking to others.
Japanese skills: Level 2 – Lower Elementary (Minna no Nihongo 1; N5)
Required things: Nothing in particular
Required clothes: White shirt and black pants (no denim). Shoes that are easy to get in and out off (washitsu – Japanese room with tatami floor)