Lea H. (Intern, German, 2017)

Lea H.
Internship Program: Unpaid Internship
Company/Type: SUiTO Fukuoka
Nationality: German

And we were able to interview yet another intern. This time, Lea from Germany talks about her internship at the event organizer SUiTO Fukuoka.

Why do you like Japan?
I like Japanese because it sounds soft (consonant-vowel system). Furthermore I like Japanese literature. My favorite writers are Miura Shion, Mori Ogai, Natsume Soseki and Murasaki Haruki. I also like the coastal landscape because we have no ocean in Southern Germany. Moreover I like Japanese food – especially everything related to Tofu. I also like Japanese matsuri (festivals). My top recommendation is the Kawagoe Hikawa Festival (Saitama prefecture).

How do you like Fukuoka and what do you recommend other people to do in Fukuoka?
I like Fukuoka very much. If you compare Fukuoka to the Tokyo metropolition region the people here are more friendly and often party. Furthermore the weather is better than in Tokyo. I also like that Fukuoka offers various things: a harbor, coast, mountains and an urban atmosphere. My recommendation is to view the sunset from the top of the ruins of Fukuoka castle.

Why did you choose Asahi School?
It was recommended to me by an agency.

Why have you decided to do an internship in Japan?
In the future I want to do a Japan related job – if possible in Japan. Therefore I wanted to know more about Japanese worling culture. That is why I have decided to to an internship in Japan.

How long is the internship and how are your working hours?
I am doing a three months internship. I usually have a four days week. If we have events I also have to work on weekends and Nationals Holidays. Therefore my working hours are irregular.

What are your main tasks at SUiTO Fukuoka?
In the morning I clean the building with my colleagues. Normally I do a lot of proofreading (English), translations (English) or write blog entries. I also assist in events.

What do you like most at your internship?
I like that SUiTO Fukuoka is not only a tourist information but also an event organiser. Therefore I get many chances to talk to foreign and Japanese people. I also like my workplace because of the decoration and the washitsu (Japanese rooms). On top of that all my colleagues are very nice to me.

Were there any (cultural) problems?
No. I had no problems at all.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for people who might want to do an internship in Japan?
You should be able to speak polite Japanese (desu-masu form). If you can not speak it you might offend colleagues or customers. Furthermoe you should try to fit in the hierarchical structure of Japanese companies and always ask your superior for his or her opinion.

Program: Unpaid Internship 

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