Diana R. (Intern, German, 2017)

Diana R.
Internship Program: Unpaid Internship
Company/Type: Mizu Trans Corporation
Nationality: German

Today we visited Mizu Trans Corporation to interview Diana from Germany who is working for the tour organizer and interpreting company.

Why do you like Japan?
I have been fascinated by the Japanese language since my childhood and I have always wanted to experience Japan myself.

How do you like Fukuoka and what do you recommend other people to do in Fukuoka?
It really is great here. There is no special place actually; I recommend everything!

Why did you choose Asahi School?
My agency recommended the school and their internship program.

Why have you decided to do an internship in Japan?
I wanted to know more about Japanese work culture and how it feels to work in a real Japanese company.

How long is the internship and how are your working hours?
I am doing the internship for five weeks and I usually work from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

What are your main tasks at Mizu Trans Corporation?
I do a lot of translations (German) for our customers. Furthermore, I go to seminars and meetings with my colleagues where I am allowed to take an active role. I also take pictures for marketing purposes and work as a tourist guide. My current project involves preparing a property so we can advertise it on Airbnb.

What do you like most about your internship?
There are so many different tasks that always keep you engaged.

Were there any (cultural) problems?
I have not had any problems so far.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for people who might want to do an internship in Japan?
You should be able to speak at least a little bit Japanese. A short language course in Japan before your internship is perfect to get familiar with the basics.

Program: Unpaid Internship

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