Edmund G. (Intern, Australian, 2017)

Edmund G.
Internship Program: Unpaid Internship
Company/Type: Samurai Buyer Co., Ltd.
Nationality: Australian

Today we had the chance to talk to another intern. Edmund from Australia worked for the export company Samurai Buyer.

He worked at Samurai Buyer which is an online retailer for Japanese goods. They offer many services to satisfy the needs of Japan-enthusiasts all around the world and to provide otherwise inaccessible Japanese products to everyone. Proxy shopping helps with purchasing products from the Japanese Amazon. The auction service grants people from overseas access to Yahoo Auction to buy products which would normally not be shipped internationally.
The transfer service enables customers to purchase goods from any Japanese online page which normally do not ship to other countries.

Edmund did marketing research and analysed similar companies in order to compete with them by having better products and prices. Edmund’s boss said that he was very helpful and the company gave Edmund a lot of responsibility in return. Edmund also talked directly to customers and responded to inquiries via email and phone.
The company received a lucrative offer for cooperation from the US since Edmund made a good first impression.

Edmund’s advice to other interns is to be prepared to accept important tasks and high responsibility.
You should also have a basic understanding of marketing if you work with Samurai Buyer.
Edmund liked his stay very much since he worked in an international environment and also liked Fukuoka
because of the good access to other Asian countries. Furthermore, he liked the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly people in Fukuoka.

Program: Unpaid Internship 

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