Ainoshima Tour


Cats are loved by many people in Japan and so it’s no wonder that there are many cat cafes, in which you can enjoy being surrounded by furry felines.

But especially in Fukuoka prefecture you can find another interesting place – the cat island named Ainoshima.

Ainoshima is to the north of Fukuoka city and belongs to a city called Shingu. The easiest way to go by train is from Hakata onwards. You have to change trains at Chihaya station and take the Nishitetsu train to Nishitetsu-Shingu station, which is also the trains’ final stop.

From there on you have to take a bus which brings you directly to the ferry port. One way will take about 15 minutes.

There are specific viewpoints and shrines on the island, but especially many, many, many cats. Nobody knows exactly, but is must be hundreds of cats living there.

So if you are a cat lover, Ainoshima would definitely be a great destination for you.

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