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Bicycle Tour from Tenjin to Shikanoshima

The tour starts in Tenjin-Daimyo, in front of Asahi Nihongo. First, we go north past Yume Town, Hakozaki Shrine and Kaizuka crossing a few bridges on our way. In Kaizuka turn left and keep following the main road towards the Kashii Island

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Iki Tofu Making Workshop

Looking forward to our new event! The IKI NATURE LOVERS CLUB presents the Iki Tofu Workshop. Iki Tofu is considered to be one of Japan’s most delicious tofu. During this workshop you will learn more about Iki tofu and you

Iki Infotainment Evening

Looking forward to our new event! The IKI NATURE LOVERS CLUB presents Iki Island – one of Japan’s most beautiful islands! On Iki island you can find impressive beaches, beautiful landscapes and ancient Japanese temples! Become a club member and

Hojoya Festival 2017

After a very successful day of learning Japanese, our students went to Hojoya – the autumn festival. It was a great evening with eating famous Japanese food and enjoying traditional Japanese festival games. Everyone was able to practice their Japanese

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IKI Infotainment Evening

Have you ever heard about Iki Island? “The Japanese island of Iki is situated off the coast of Kyushu between Fukuoka and South Korea and is easily accessible by ferry from Fukuoka and Karatsu (Saga Prefecture). The island is stunning – almost

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News from our Internship Company Mizu Trans

Today we went to Mizu Trans Corporation, a company that provides translation, interpretation and guide services by certified specialists. Rhys from Australia is doing a two-month internship here to gain experience and to make contacts for a future in the

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Dinner at Sushiro

Our school philosophy at Asahi Nihongo is that “Japanese doesn’t stop at the classroom”. After a long day of studying, we went to Sushiro to reward our students with some delicious sushi. We were accompanied by Shinji-sensei, the most popular

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Enjoying Fukuoka’s Street Food

What is the best way to enjoy delicious street food and talk to interesting people simultaneously? Going to one of the many Yatais in Fukuoka City! Yatai is a kind of mobile food stall – a symbol of Fukuoka’s local

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Water Rocket Event

On August 15, we had our first Water Rocket Event with our partners from JAXA Space Center. First, we had a short session to introduce ourselves and learn some exciting facts about space activities. After the introduction, it was time

Internship Stephan H.

Stephan H. Internship Program: Unpaid Internship Company/Type: Team AIBOD Inc. Nationality: German Today another intern talks about his internship in Fukuoka. Stephan H. from Germany had to manage many different tasks at Team AIBOD Inc., an IT company in Fukuoka.

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Ohori Firework Festival 2017

It is summer in Fukuoka, the perfect time to go out, get some snacks and join one of the many festivals. Our students also had the chance to experience one of the most frequently visited festival, the Ohori Firework Festival,

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Internship Kianna B. @ Wallaby

Kianna B. Internship Program: Unpaid Internship Company/Type: Summer School Wallaby Nationality: American We had to chance to interview a young and highly motivated intern from America! Kianna talks about her experiences at Summer School Wallaby. Why did you choose Asahi

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Nishinihon Ohori Firework Festival


Fukuoka has a very pretty Hanabi. You may be surprised, because There are so many people who come to see Hanabi. You can also enjoy looking at all those Yukata. The girls are all dressed so lovely. The firework will last for 1

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Impressions Asahi Beach Party 2017

Japanese and Internship Asahi Nihongo and SUiTO Fukuoka organized a beach party at Momochi Beach, near Fukuoka Tower on Saturday afternoon. Everyone enjoyed delicious self-made food and participated in amusing games like Suikawari (watermelon splitting) or Hayanomi-Taikai (lemonade drinking competition),

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Internship Jordan W.

Jordan W. Internship Program: Unpaid Internship Company/Type: Gallery Moryta Nationality: American Another intern talks about his life in Fukuoka. Jordan from the United States decided on an internship at Gallery Moryta in Akasaka. Why did you choose Asahi Nihongo? I

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