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Blutgruppen in Japan

Wisst ihr eigentlich eure Blutgruppe? Nein? Dann solltet ihr das vor eurem Japanbesuch vielleicht noch herausfinden. Aber keine Angst, es geht hier nicht etwa um medizinische Gründe (obwohl es dafür ja auch praktisch wäre (>ω^) ), sondern um euer Horoskop!

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Beaches in Fukuoka – beautiful Fukuma

Before I came to Fukuoka, I didn’t think about Japan as a good place for swimming. You never hear about the famous Japanese beaches, right? But then there it was: Fukuma Beach. We first discovered it accidentally. We wanted to

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Learn Japanese and Sailing

I came to Japan to practice Marine Sports in 1996. I discovered a different approach of doing the same Marine Sports, when I came across some Japanese sports men. Here in Japan, I’ve had the opportunity to do Marine Sports

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Dogs in Japan-more than just normal pets

If you are a dog in Japan you don’t only receive your own leash or clothes but also your own buggy. That means dogs in Japan don’t have to walk or move through the street. They are treated and carried

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Does your blood type match your characteristics?

In Japan, people often discuss blood types. Japanese people believe certain blood types have certain characteristic and some blood types are more compatible than others. I do not know whether this is true, but it is very popular in Japan.For

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What women do to feel beautiful in Japan

Japanese wear arm warmers when it’s hot. When walking through Fukuoka you can see them everywhere. Many Japanese girls wear them, often in combination with an parasol, so that they don’t get any tan. Isn’t that strange?! I often see

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Fast faster Shinkansen!!! Travel with a super express train

Do you want to feel like a King during your travel? Then don’t miss the chance to take the Shinkansen train. Once I was on my way to Tokyo and tried the “Nozomi Superexpress” because it is so fast and

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Have you ever wondered about the music at a crossing?

Crossing a street in Japan is very interesting. During that time you can listen to fun traffic light songs and enjoy it. Do you know the Watanabedori-crossing in Fukuoka? Near “Tenjin Core”, the department store, you can find two types

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Washing machines in Japan are a challenge^^

Sometimes I feel a little bit prehistoric or old-fashioned. In a different culture, the daily life challenges become suddenly the most difficult problems – like washing clothes! So, I bought a new Japanese washing machine, actually the best and most

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Recently it has become a bit colder in morning and in the evening. Does anyone have a cold? In Japan, when you sneeze, it is said that someone is talking about you. Sneeze once:a good rumor Sneeze twice:a bad rumor

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Fun Bar Codes in Japan^^

Bar codes in Japan are very interesting. Actually the sense of a bar code is just to read the price of a product. But in Japan, it’s more like an artwork than getting information about the prices. Great idea I

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100 Yen Shop

You just came to Japan? Then you must go take a look at the 100 Yen shops. They’re famous. You can’t compare them with the usual 1 Euro shops in Europe, because though most things cost 105 Yen, the overall

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Next Activities

We want everyone who is interested to get in touch with the Japanese language and culture in order to establish international relationships.

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Let’s clean the bathroom!

Please keep the bathroom nice and clean for everyone. A clean bathroom is important to maintain a happy house. My favorite cleaning tools are gloves (手袋), sponge (スポンジ), cleanser (洗剤) and mildew killer (カビキラー). With those tools you get a

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National Holidays 2020

01/01 (Wed) Japanese New Year 01/13 (Mon) Coming of Age Day 02/11 (Tue) National Foundation Day 02/24 (Mon) The Emperor’s Birthday 03/20 (Fri) Vernal Equinox Day 04/29 (Wed) Shōwa Day 05/04 (Mon) Greenery Day 05/05 (Tue) Children’s Day 05/06 (Wed) Constitution Memorial Day 07/20 (Mon) Marine Day 07/23 (Thu) 2020 Tokyo