Karaoke – a Fun Thing to Do in Japan!

Karaoke is one of the greatest and longest-lasting exports Japan has produced. In Japan, Karaoke bars are a great place to hang out with friends for a very cheap price.

Karaoke turns you into a pop star by removing any song’s vocals and giving you the chance to show off your musical talent. You can find Karaoke bars in almost any Japanese city.

Karaoke originated in Japan, and many Japanese go to Karaoke bars with friends or colleagues after work. It is known as a good way of bonding because many people can sing the same song together. This creates a very unique atmosphere, which you will not find elsewhere. Most karaoke bars offer a portion of additional food and drink service.

There are thousands of songs to choose from—the majority being English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Karaoke has become popular all over the world, but not to the extent visible in Japan. The most popular place for Karaoke in Fukuoka is the Tenjin Nishi-doori street with at least a dozen Karaoke places.

Karaoke in Japan is not just singing—it is meeting friends, drinking, eating, talking and having a great time. And you can do it at any time of the day. The latest time I went for Karaoke, for example, was at 2:30 AM. After you have met up with your friends and went eating at an Izakaya (Japanese restaurant), there is a high chance someone will say “Hey, let’s go for Karaoke!!!” Many consider it the best way to end an already great day.

We recommend you choose the Nomihodai course (all-you-can-drink), which is a really good value. Sometimes, when we are a larger group, some people will wear silly costumes and we just have a great party with lots of fun! You should really try it!


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