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Why choose the Japanese and Internship School Asahi Nihongo.

Here are 11 characteristics of what we believe Asahi Nihongo is a good language school. 01. Status of Asahi Nihongo The school was founded in August 1999 and is well established in the business world of Fukuoka. Asahi Nihongo is

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Internship in Fukuoka with Asahi Nihongo

You always dreamed about working in Japan and experiencing the country from an inside perspective? You want to learn about social customs and become culturally aware of Japan and its people? Asahi Nihongo offers all that and more, placing you

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Subtle differences


What is the difference between close friend and friend?

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Purikura is popular among high school girls in Japan. In Purikura booths, you can take pictures of yourself and edit them the way you want. Since their market debut in 1995, purikura have been a major hit in Japan.

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Japan has one of the most developed transportation networks in the world. The Shinkansen is Japan’s high-speed train and it can travel at over 200 km/h, much faster than normal trains.

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Ramune is one of the modern symbols of summer in Japan and is widely consumed during warm festival days and nights. Empty bottles are usually collected for recycling at stalls where it is sold. Ramune is widely known for the distinctive design of its bottle, often called Codd-neck bottles after the inventor, Hiram Codd.

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Internship Interview at Obei Business Center

We had a brief interview with Gerrit from the Netherlands, who has done an internship at Obei Business Center. L: Hey Gerrit, thank you for taking the time for this interview. G: It`s a pleasure. L: How old are you

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International Party

This month again, many students from Asahi Nihongo and Ritter school joined tonight’s International Party. Everyone enjoyed lively conversations and the delicious food made by Hikari san! After party most of them went to Karaoke. We look forward to seeing you

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City Office on September 4 (652)

We went to the Chuo Ward Office to submit a notification of residence on last week. After got Residence Registration, they have also got information package which includes useful information for new Fukuoka residents 🙂 We hope that they will get

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Karate Class on September 9

We joined our famous Karate Class at Akasaki Dojo in Yakuin yesterday. You can experience one of the most traditional Japanese martial arts. Your trainer Katsuhisa will show the best kicks to defend yourself. All levels are welcome, so please join

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City Tour on September 7

Today, we took our five new student from Germany and Taiwan on a city tour around the Tenjin area showing him interesting sites and important places such as a temple, the post office, the bus center, Daiso (100-Yen shop), and Bic Camera (electronics store).

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Testimonial for Dig-na Inc.

Hello, my name is Arthur. I have done my internship with “Dig-na Inc.” which is a Japan IT company. I have been working with Dig-na Inc. from June 15 to September 4. Dig-na Inc. is located in a building called

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City Tour August 24

Today, we took our three new students from Germany on a city tour around the Tenjin area showing them interesting sites and important places such as a temple, the post office, the bus center, Daiso (100-Yen shop), and Bic Camera (electronics store). We

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Registered with a staff agency

We went to the staffing agency which offers temporary jobs for foreigners today. It’s one the place where we will take work and travelers. You will be asked several questions like “What kind of job do you want”,”How much salary

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The Last day of internship

One of our internship students finished her internship program last week. She had worked at Gallery MORYTA for a month as a intern. During the internship, many different tasks were given by Morita-san since she always displayed the attitude to

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