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There are websites that are frequently used in Japan but haven’t been heard of in the western world. An example for such a website is Yafuoku, the Japanese equivalent to eBay which we already wrote an article about. Today we

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Subtle differences


What is the difference between close friend and friend?

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Open School on June 19

Today, we had one presenter from Hong Kong. He is studying at a university in the United States and is going to do his internship from next week at an IT company called Dig-na After his presentation, we went to Sushiro for dinner since

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Open School on June 17

Today’s Open School was all about fish. We learned a lot of different fish names and idioms related to fish in Japanese, English and German. Although some of the fish names were very difficult, everyone managed to find the right pairs

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Open School on June 10

We had two presenters from Germany talking about their hometown. After the presentations, we talked about noodle dishes in everyone’s own country since we were about to go to an Udon shop on Friday.

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