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Nihongo o hanashimasu ka? If you are looking for a fun way to learn Japanese in Fukuoka, then Asahi Nihongo is the right choice. We offer various Japanese language courses according to your level, interests and requirement. N3-N1 JLPT Prep

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International Meet Up

I was really happy to see that many of you decided to participate in the July exchange event, despite the unfortunate weather! I wasn’t able to talk to all the participants, but I think it was a good experience for

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Japanese Distance Learning

Learn Japanese from anywhere in the world! For those who want to study Japanese locally, it often can be hard to find a Japanese class nearby. Perhaps you are too busy to attend Japanese classes or a language trip to

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Beginner Friendly SUP at Fukuma Beach

Enjoy your time in Japan cruising around Fukuma Beach on a stand up paddle board.  

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Japanese Language Course in March

Japanese Language Course in March

From March 27 to April 7, 2017
Period: Two weeks
Come and study Japanese while experiencing the best time of the year – spring and Hanami season!
Hanami, or “Cherry Blossom Viewing”, truly is a once in-a-lifetime experience.

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Hita-Yufuin-Beppu Tour


We took our seven students from Tasmania and a student from Japan on a two-day field trip to Hita, Yufuin and Beppu on December 11 and 12. The goal of this trip was to show our students lots of different places since Kyushu has much more to offer than Fukuoka.

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Free Cultural Experiences @ Canal City

Free Cultural Experiences @ Canal City Tourist Lounge

Free Cultural Experiences @ Canal City Tourist Lounge

Our partner SUiTO Fukuoka is providing free cultural experiences at the Canal City Tourist Lounge opening ceremony.

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Subtle differences


What is the difference between close friend and friend?

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Asking “Where~?”

Which answer is correct?

Q 博多駅は___ですか?

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Purikura is popular among high school girls in Japan. In Purikura booths, you can take pictures of yourself and edit them the way you want. Since their market debut in 1995, purikura have been a major hit in Japan.

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Japan has one of the most developed transportation networks in the world. The Shinkansen is Japan’s high-speed train and it can travel at over 200 km/h, much faster than normal trains.

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Ramune is one of the modern symbols of summer in Japan and is widely consumed during warm festival days and nights. Empty bottles are usually collected for recycling at stalls where it is sold. Ramune is widely known for the distinctive design of its bottle, often called Codd-neck bottles after the inventor, Hiram Codd.

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Ryokan is a type of traditional Japanese hotel. Most people dress up in Yukata (Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton).

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Working Holiday Visa for Austria


Breaking News: Working Holiday Visa for Austria
There have been amazing news for Japan-lovers in Austria recently. The Japanese government has expanded its Working Holiday program allowing Austrian citizens to spend up to a year in Japan.

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Internship in Japan (Eugenio from Italy)


Eugenio from Italy is about to finish his marketing and sales internship at a small Japanese company here in Fukuoka. He has been working there for three months and was contemplating to stay longer.

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