Internship in Japan (Eugenio from Italy)


Internship_in_Japan_Eugenio_from_ItalyEugenio from Italy is about to finish his marketing and sales internship at a small Japanese company here in Fukuoka. He has been working there for three months and was contemplating to stay longer. The reason Eugenio chose to do an internship in Japan was to improve his Japanese skills and to learn more about Japanese business etiquette and how Japanese company work. He really enjoys his work and the Japanese way of life, which is why he would like to stay longer in Japan to work at a Japanese company or even open his own business.

A very important lesson Eugenio learned during his internship is that Japanese listeners keep nodding their heads saying “Hai” (Yes). He was very happy as he thought that the Japanese agreed with his opinion while in reality, they disagreed. Whether the counterpart agrees or not, they will always give a brief sign, called “Aizuchi”, to show that they are listening. A small lesson with a big effect.

Best of luck for your future Eugenio and you always have our support.

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