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Internship in Japan (Eugenio from Italy)


Eugenio from Italy is about to finish his marketing and sales internship at a small Japanese company here in Fukuoka. He has been working there for three months and was contemplating to stay longer.

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Internship in Japan at SUiTO Fukuoka


Asahi Nihongo is promoting the hiring of foreign students by companies in Japan. Our goal is to achieve a mutual understanding and trust between foreign students and Japanese companies.

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Internship in Japan at Sunny Side Nursery and Preschool

Internship in Japan @ Sunny Side Nursery and Preschool

Victoria is currently doing an internship at the Sunny Side Nursery & Preschool. Working with children and improving her Japanese skills are two of the main things she wanted to do when she came to Japan. Let’s find out if she managed to achieve her goals!

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