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Lucrezia from Italy Advertizes Fukuoka for InOut

Doing an internship in Japan has been a long-awaited dream for Lucrezia, and it will definitely give her an edge in her future career. Lucrezia is planning and leading guided tours through Fukuoka and the surrounding areas. Her last tour

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Katharina from Germany Works at Matsuda Architect

Katharina speaks Japanese very well already having been reading and learning about Japan for many years. However to become even more involved in Japanese business and social customs, she is currently doing a 6-week internship in an architecture firm. Katharina’s

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Saviana from Italy is doing an Internship at Mizu Trans

Saviana has come to Fukuoka and Japan for the first time to do an unpaid internship. The program started on January 15th, right after a successful job interview, and will finish on April 3rd. Saviana usually works from 11 am to 5

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Internship at Kyushu no Mura after Language Course

After finishing his Japanese language course at our school, Cameron from Australia wanted to do an internship in a Japanese company connected to human resources and gain deeper insight into the Japanese business world. Asahi Nihongo helped Cameron preparing for

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Internship Lukas G.

Lukas G. Internship Program: Unpaid Internship Company/Type: Gallery Moryta Nationality: German Today our intern Lukas from Germany describes his daily routine at Gallery Moryta. Why do you like Japan? Japan has a unique charm, which I really like. I mean,

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News from our Internship Company Mizu Trans

Today we went to Mizu Trans Corporation, a company that provides translation, interpretation and guide services by certified specialists. Rhys from Australia is doing a two-month internship here to gain experience and to make contacts for a future in the

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Internship Fabien M.

Fabien M. Internship Program: Unpaid Internship Company/Type: Fukuoka Now Nationality: French Today a new intern talks about his internship. Fabien from France talks about his experiences at Fukuoka Now, a publisher in Fukuoka City. Why did you choose Asahi Nihongo?

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Internship in Fukuoka with Asahi Nihongo

You always dreamed about working in Japan and experiencing the country from an inside perspective? You want to learn about social customs and become culturally aware of Japan and its people? Asahi Nihongo offers all that and more, placing you

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Internship in Japan (Eugenio from Italy)


Eugenio from Italy is about to finish his marketing and sales internship at a small Japanese company here in Fukuoka. He has been working there for three months and was contemplating to stay longer.

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Internship in Japan at SUiTO Fukuoka


Asahi Nihongo is promoting the hiring of foreign students by companies in Japan. Our goal is to achieve a mutual understanding and trust between foreign students and Japanese companies.

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Doing an internship in Japan @ OBC

Tamara is currently doing an internship at Obei Business Center, this versatile marketing company gives our students the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills while living in Fukuoka.

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Internship Interview at Obei Business Center

We had a brief interview with Gerrit from the Netherlands, who has done an internship at Obei Business Center. L: Hey Gerrit, thank you for taking the time for this interview. G: It`s a pleasure. L: How old are you

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Testimonial for Team Gifted

I did an internship at Team Gifted, a special school for children with learning disabilities. I’ve been working there for two months from July 6th to August 28th. I worked two days per week at Team Gifted and three days

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Testimonial for Groundwork Fukuoka

I did an internship at Groundwork Fukuoka, an NPO with the goal of creating a barrier-free society, I’ve been working there for two months from July the 6th to August the 28th. Two days per week I worked at Groundwork

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Testimonial for Dig-na Inc.

Hello, my name is Arthur. I have done my internship with “Dig-na Inc.” which is a Japan IT company. I have been working with Dig-na Inc. from June 15 to September 4. Dig-na Inc. is located in a building called

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