Saviana from Italy is doing an Internship at Mizu Trans

Saviana has come to Fukuoka and Japan for the first time to do an unpaid internship. The program started on January 15th, right after a successful job interview, and will finish on April 3rd. Saviana usually works from 11 am to 5 pm but these hours are rather flexible so she can join trips and seminars. Recently, she joined a seminar in Ukiha, a city south-east of Fukuoka, where she held a presentation in English. At work, Saviana speaks mostly Japanese with her colleagues and clients.

Her coworkers are very kind to her and even organized a small birthday party for her. She likes her internship very much and is very satisfied with the placement.

Saviana became interested in Japan when she was 14 years old and wanted to know more about its rich history and folklore. Towards the end of highschool, she decided to study Japanese at university in Rome. In the end, she pursued the subjects Japanese language, Japanese history and Japanese culture. Unfortunately, the classes focused more on how to write and read correctly rather than speaking. To close this gap, Saviana dreamed of visiting Japan to improve her speaking skills.

Her favorite Japanese word is “KIBOU”, which means hope. Her hobbies are Monogatari (物語), a traditional Japanese form of literature, drawing, and listening to rock music. Her favorite place in Fukuoka is the “Ankokuji” 安国寺. She can see this temple from her accommodation.

This week, Saviana will go on a monitor tour to Nagasaki, and there are plans for a trip to Asakura. We wish her a great time and lots of fun!

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