Have you ever wondered about the music at a crossing?

Crossing a street in Japan is very interesting. During that time you can listen to fun traffic light songs and enjoy it.

Do you know the Watanabedori-crossing in Fukuoka? Near “Tenjin Core”, the department store, you can find two types of traffic songs: a kind of happy one and a kind of sad one. At my first time I crossed the street, I was wondering about the music and where it came from;  I couldn’t get this song out of my head for the whole day. After some time, I discovered the speakers where the music is being played. I really like the traffic light songs, because you get a good feeling and can enjoy crossing a street^o^, try it!!!


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One comment on “Have you ever wondered about the music at a crossing?
  1. japanblog says:

    is it a famous song in japan? i wondered about that when i was there