Calligraphy on T-Shirts

Calligraphy has played a huge role in both Japanese and Chinese culture since the early centuries of civilization. The act of writing has turned into an art form which developed and bloomed as the east-asian culture strongly prospered in the 4th century. Calligraphy was a mirror of the artist drawing it and a witness of various periods in time of Japanese history. Today, the art of calligraphy is still very much around and extremely present in every-day-life in Japan: elaborate and hand-drawn character signs of restaurants and shops, certain newspaper and magazine fonts and the usage of single Kanji as a bold statement can be spotted all around the country, making calligraphy the traditional Japanese art that is most present in the modern society.

Calligraphy is an elementary school subject in the Japanese mandatory education system. In high school, calligraphy is one of the choices among art subjects, along with music or painting. It is also a popular high school club activity, particularly with the advent of performance calligraphy. Some universities, such as University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Gakugei University and Fukuoka University of Education, have special departments of calligraphic study that emphasize teacher-training programs in calligraphy.

Japanese calligraphy has also fascinated many Western artists through the centuries — mainly calligraphers themselves, but famous artists as well, who studied and practiced calligraphy as a parallel to their own art.

Learning and practicing calligraphy is a lot of fun and demands passion, creativity and a steady hand. In cooperation with Suito Fukuoka, the Asahi School offers an activity where Kanji and calligraphy are not simply drawn on paper but on T-shirts so you can wear your own art and create a unique and very special memento!

Basic Information


Day/Time: Every second week, 15:00-17:00
Place: SUITO, meeting at the Asahi school
Guide: SUITO staff
Level: Beginner – Advanced (Max 10 people)
Fee: 3000 Yen
Apply by: 2 days before the event

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