Fukuoka City Tour

today 6 new students arrived at Asahi Nihongo. 3 German girls, 2 German boys and one from Denmark. It was a fun group. We were joined by Abe-san and 2 other apprentices.
We started from school at 1 o`clock and went to Ankokuji Temple. The students took photos and Abe-san showed us how to pray in the temple. Afterwords we took a group picture in front of temple on the stairs. The next stop was the 100 Yen shop.
Everybody was fascinated by the size of the shop. We were surprised by how much different Hello Kitty stuff there was. German 1 Euro Shops are not that big or have so many different things. We spend the time in between and inside the shops with conversations and laughter. It was a very nice atmosphere. Next we stopped at the Post office before we entered the Shikagei. the Shikagei is a underground mall that connects different subway stations. It`s pretty big and has air-conditioning, which is a big plus.
In the next store Abe-san showed us where the students could buy additional grammar and kanji books for school.
We had a couple of anime fans (me included) that talked about the Vivre and their manga section. So we decided to stop there for a bit.
Afterward we entered the Rainbow plaza and everybody was again surprised by the size of the building. The students got some English information brochures about Fukuoka.
The second to last place we visited was the Bus Center.
The last place we went to was the Kego jinja temple.
Abe-san showed us how to correctly wash your hands before entering the shrine. A funny experience. Afterwords he showed us how to pray. First throw in the money, then ring the bell and pray. When you finish praying, bow twice then clap you hands twice.
We took another group picture and started our way back to school.
It was a nice and fun opening tour.