Fukuoka Ramen Guide 

Fukuoka is most famous for its Tonkotsu Ramen. In this article, we will guide you through the best and most delicious places to get this specific kind of Ramen.
1. しんしんラーメン Shin Shin Ramen
Shin Shin Ramen is located in Oyafukō, the clubbing area of Fukuoka City. The restaurant has the reputation of serving the best Ramen in town, resulting in long cues in front of the restaurant almost all day long. The walls inside are plastered with the signatures of celebrities who visited the place. If you’re eating at Shin Shin, make sure to try the Gyoza as well.

2. ナンバーワン Number One
Number One is a Fukuoka-exclusive Ramen restaurant chain, which can be found in Tenjin and near Ōhori Koen. It is one of Fukuoka’s oldest restaurant chains and offers special Ramen dishes like Wan Tan Ramen as well.

3. 鳳凛ラーメン Hourin Ramen
Hourin Ramen is a small restaurant in Tenjin, close to the central Apple Store. It features a modern design and a relaxed atmosphere. You can actually watch the chef prepare your Tonkotsu Ramen. Hourin also offers Japanese snacks such as Yakitori.

Now it’s your turn to try all of Fukuoka’s Ramen restaurants and find your personal favorite!


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