Ghost Stories

Last weekend, Saturday night, we went to an old, old temple in eastern Fukuoka.
When we got there, it was already dark- but it wasn´t cold at all!
Do you know, why Japanese people like to tell ghoststories?! They like to tell them in the summer because it´s so hot and when they hear ghoststories, they feel a cold goosebumps on their skin.
First we had a look around the shrine and wondered about the old, wooden constructions. There was the temple and big figures made of stone.
We brought a lot of food with us, so we sad down in a circle and started eating pizza, wraps, a lots of Japanese food.
When we were full the ghost stories started. The first ones actually weren´t scary- they were only disgusting… time passed by and the stories became more and more strange and creepy. While one person told a very very creepy story, a big insect touched our heads and we were so shocked, that we had to scream out loud!!!

In that moment I understand why Japanese like to tell Ghoststories in summer… I felt cold immediately- but outside it was still hot…