Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)

Hello! We joined the Ikebana-Activity (=flower arrangement) yesterday.
First, We learned that there are a lot of ways, how to arrange flowers. The basic Ikebana-Arrangement are 「SIN」「SOE」and 「HIKAE」. The teacher wanted the students to choose the sunflower, which impressed them the most among all the sunflowers. Everybody chose a different flower, becuase no two minds think alike. And these main flowers should be in a set position. The space is very significant for Ikebana. Anyway they studied the teacher’s example.

They arranged flowers after the teacher’s instructions. They sticked the flowers into a sponge in order to take it home with them. Within the 「SIN」 arrangement, the sticks should not be too straight, because it needs to be able to change freely.Both of them arranged it with fun and Andrea enjoyed it. Andrea was already familiar with Ikebana , that’s why the teacher was surprised.We asked the students what did they thoughtabout the Ikebana-Activity. They answered, “We thought, we were not able to make a goof Ikebana-Arrangement, but the results were interesting actually.” Isabella said, “I was happy because I arranged sunflowers, which I like most among flowers.” The students had a few problems with making the flower-arrangement , but both of them made really amazing Ikebana. As far as we are concerned, Andrea’s work is elegant, and Isabella’s one is cute.Many various works will be born even if you arrange just same flowers. It’s a good point of Ikebana.
Please do Ikebana again and make any new works without fail!