About Our Teaching Methods

We teach using the “communicative approach,” and 90% of the lesson is taught in Japanese. The focus is on communication skills, learning to speak and understand Japanese. You learn a language by communicating in an enjoyable and engaging way. We believe the student’s share of a student-teacher dialogue should be around 70%.
At basic course levels, explanations may be given in foreign languages and the textbooks we use have translations and grammatical notes available in a range of foreign languages. This approach may sound daunting, but it has been proven over and over again to be the best way to learn a language. Don’t worry, our teachers are there to guide you all the way through your learning experience. Your confidence in your language skills will quickly build up.
Help beyond the classroom: We strongly believe learning does not end in the class room. Therefore, we offer unique programs to help you go out there and practice your Japanese in everyday life.