①We joined NPO company doing internship.
We carry the OMIKOSHI.

②We went to Joyo part of Yame city. Yame is very famous for green tea.

③We were 16 people all together!! Everyone got hachimaki and happi to wear!! Everyone looked good.

④Everybody was Carrying the Omikoshi for the First time!!
Which was interesting experience!!
Wasshoi, Wasshoi!!

⑤We were interviewed by Nishinihon journal and felt like a celebrity!!

⑥Very exciting!! Very fun!!

⑦It’s delicious!! German doing Internship were cooking!! Thank you.

⑧The last, Hanabi!! Japanese fire works are big and nice!!
Yukata(Japanese summer Kimono )and Geta(old summer shoes) were given to us from NPO company as a present.
Thank you for everything. We really want to go again!! We always have fun memories of this trip!!