On Tuesday night we met for the Karate Activity. It was amazing, great, wonderful every positive word you can come up with. To sum it up it was a whole lot of fun.
We started with stretching and greeting, followed by simple punches and kicks. It was great and everybody was really nice. They showed it to us slowly and correcting our mistakes. Not only the sensei (black belt) but also the other 2 students.

Then it was time for the kicks. We teamed up (into girls and boys) and one kicked while the other blocked it with the “pillows” (sorry i don’t know the correct term). It didn’t hurt and was a lot of fun. We were laughing while losing our balance. It was a great atmosphere. The sensei and senpais help us out again and pointed out our mistakes and ways to make it better.
Next it was time for 1 minute going all out. One of the senpais (green belts) out on a “body pillow/shield” so that he wouldn’t get hurt no matter where we kicked. It was amazing but really hard. We were already sweating and 1 minute can be really long! Everybody was out of breath after 30 seconds, but we still kept on going. It was pretty hard.
Next was sparring. We put on the shields and glows and starting lightly kicking and boxing the other person. It was interesting because so far we had only boxed into the air or objects that didn’t move. So  it became a totally new experience for us.
Then it went back to practicing punches and defends. It ended like it began. Bowing and thanking for the time. The Japanese Karate people say “Osu”. And so did we. “Osu onegai-shimasu”(please) and “Osu arigatou”(thank you).
In the end i can just say that it was a great experience which we all enjoyed very much.

So thanks to everyone who made that possible. It was amazing!