TV interview at Asahi Nihongo

On 21st of December, I had a TV interview about my internship experience at Asahi nihongo.
Since my internship program is supported by government, Jwave, one of the temp agencies that have been delegated this program offered me to take an interview.
It was all about my experience in Asahi Nihongo and how I have changed through out my internship.
They also filmed while I was working at the front desk so our beautifully decorated Christmas tree has to move away from the desk as the TV show will be on after Christmas. Poor Christmas tree:(
I was very nervous while my interview but also it was good experience to find out how they make TV interview.
Check this out, this interview will be shown on 15th of January from11:25a.m!
One comment on “TV interview at Asahi Nihongo
  1. Very nice!
    I am going to watch it.